moab: page 2

Moab-page2-grey-blogIn media res— this is apparently a story that starts in the middle of action, possibly immediately after the “cover photo” was taken.  There has already been a visit to a storeroom that is pretty darn magical/mysterious/cryptic, so that type of mood is set, but in Kekionga things like this are commonplace, at least for certain people.  So it’s business as usual for the Usual Suspects.  This includes snark and teasing, and a certain amount of mild innuendo which goes right over Jack’s head.  (Or is he just taking the high road and ignoring it?)

If I were drawing this page over, I would move the “Walk, Walk” transition and possibly consider typesetting it to make it more clear that it is a stage direction.

As for the plot, here’s your basic Locked Door of Plot Advancement.  Do you suppose Iowa still has the key she is so prominently wearing around her neck on the cover/in the first panel?

(Kekionga Fun Fact: Did you know that Matt Feazell gave Iowa her first name?)



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2 Responses to moab: page 2

  1. Wolfie says:

    I had forgotten all about this one… and never saw the finished product. I’m happy you decided to post it! Your art has gotten better and better and you’ve really become a superb inker.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Thank you very much. I have never really had much confidence in my ability as an inker-I’ve gotten to the point where I enjoy doing it, and I guess I have developed a bag of tricks to use to solve at least some of my problems. I wonder, though, whether I have simply developed a drawing style to suit my inking capacities.

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