moab: page 3

Moab-page3-grey-blogPage three.  The key becomes important.  Lettering gets a little wonky.  And layouts are out of control.  If you don’t read this page in order the first time, don’t blame yourself.  It’s a spiral to the right, with the panel borders drawn as foliage (with the stub pen) intended to guide you from the scene in front of the closed door to the scene at the entrance to the hedge maze with the door open.  This is possibly a little too artistic?  The last line on the page is Iowa’s line about being terrible at that kind of puzzle. Like me, Iowa  is quite smart but no good at puzzles like mazes.  She probably hates anagrams too.

Drawing Jack in profile creeps me out.  I did it twice on this page with some success, which was a major accomplishment.  But my favorite drawing on the page is Tiny! Gideon in the lower right.

And yes, Jack can fly. Foursquare has four powers (flight, blast, barrier, and overcast) as well as modest levels of super strength and indestructability– he’s designed to be the basic superhero– but he doesn’t usually get all “superhero-y” unless it’s an emergency.  And in this case protecting his friends is his main priority.  That and carrying heavy things.

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2 Responses to moab: page 3

  1. Wolfie says:

    If you’re ever stuck in a hedge maze (or any kind of maze,) there’s a surefire way to get out (which may take a long time, but it always works.) Put your right hand on the wall and start walking. Always keep your hand on the right-hand wall, turning as needed. You will eventually reach the exit without fail.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      I know this works with real mazes, and I’m sure the characters know that. So let’s assume that this is a weird, mystical magical hand-wavy hedge maze that doesn’t work by the laws of physics. And neither does the werewolf nose!

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