moab: page 4


And here’s the Professor’s secret.  He’s not just a Librarian, he’s a Werewolf Librarian.  And if you don’t think that I am grateful for that every time I get to draw him changing forms, then you would be so, so wrong.  I probably have drawn about twenty different transitional forms for him over the years, from 100% human to 100% wolf.  His usual form is about 5-10% wolf in public and 10-20% wolf when everyone around is in on his secret.  That’s the form you saw on the first few pages of this comic, with the sharp ears and teeth, incipient claws and extra hair.  (Werewolves call this the “sharptooth” form.)

On this page, we see the very common 30-35% wolf, with the nose leather showing, a form that’s about half and half, which is as wolfy as the Prof can get and still able to speak, and the more or less 100% wolf.  Note that he is the same person in all shapes, with the same eyebrows and attitude.  Iowa, as his personal assistant, is used to taking charge of his glasses and his coat, dressing gown, bathrobe, or whatever.  (In the Library she helps maintain stashes of spare specs and changes of clothes for his convenience.)  By the point in the timeline where this story takes place, both Jack and Iowa are so used to this dramatic transmogrification that it doesn’t even get a comment.

Will the terrible trio will follow the lupine nose to the center of the maze or directly to the exit? You have two guesses and the first one doesn’t count.

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