moab: page 5

Moab-page5-grey-blogThis page looks like another spiral, but actually it isn’t– it’s really just two panels.  The first is the little panel in the upper right, which shows the characters in passage through the maze (and maybe its a long journey compressed into three Little Figures, a saddle and and some greenery). The other panel is one space and an action– Jack and Iowa stop and look at whatever is in the center of the maze, and the Professor changes back into his human form and comes up behind them to look too.

I am particularly pleased by the figure of the wolf leaping down from the upper right into the lower right corner and beginning his transition in mid leap.  He is fully wolf at the top of the page and about 80% as he lands on a paw that is becoming a hand.  Does the white area behind the Three Rocks bother you?  It still sort of bothers me.  In the pencils there was a medium-tone area of plant forms behind the mostly-wolf figure and I decided not to ink them.  I may still put them back in, but I also may decide to color this story and since Gideon is a tawny wolf, filling in that area with a plain medium green might take care of the problem.

The Professor always chooses to dress as soon as he returns to human (or sharptooth) form whenever possible– it’s part of the rules of werewolf dignity.  The rock with a face is a Kekionga Spirit Rock, symbolizing the little mysteries that are everywhere in the world around us.


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