moab: page 6

Moab-page6-grey-secondcorrection-final-blogThe rare and exotic minicomic splash page!  It takes a lot for me to “waste” a large fraction of the very limited page count in a mini on a single panel, but this one was definitely worth it.  This mysterious object (you know what it is, of course) deserves to stand tall and tower over Jack a bit.  (Not that Jack is all that tall– he’s about 5 feet 10 or so.)

This is the point where I have to mention that I am a cartoonist, not a scientific illustrator.  As I remember, the pencil drawing of the skeleton, compiled with great effort by copying from photo references, looked solid and accurate, but once I started inking it with my usual tools it got pretty cartoonified really fast without any real planning. So I sort of went with it.

Readers who are familiar with the original version of the comic may notice that Jack looks a little different here.  I had always been vaguely dissatisfied with the face in this drawing, which was sort of a shame because I like the rest of the figure a lot, with Jack poised between his general dislike and fear of (human) skeletons and his growing delight in seeing something so strange and wonderful.  But there was something wrong with the face and I just couldn’t figure out what.  But when I was editing and resizing these images for posting on the blog, I figured out what the problem was and corrected it in about a half an hour at the pixel level in PaintShop Pro.  So maybe this is how this page, and Jack, were supposed to look in the first place.

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