moab: page 7

Moab-page7-grey-blogBut the werewolf stuff is really just a sideline.  The Professor is, first and foremost, a Librarian.  And Librarians know everything.  A spontaneous lecture on the history and skeletal anatomy of extinct birds from the Antipodes is nothing to him.  Jack, on the other hand, rather surprised me with his quick witted analysis of the creature’s scientific name.  It’s important to remember that while Jack is neither an academic nor an intellectual, he is far from stupid and has a powerful memory.

My favorite thing about this page is the treatment of the moa’s skull.  I wanted it to clearly be just that, a dry, empty skull, but at the same time suggest that there was some kind of awareness there.  The little eye form is supposed to hint that the moa is watching and listening to Gideon’s lecture and finds it amusing.  I don’t know if everyone else can see it, but it works for me.

The saddle in the bottom panel is my second favorite saddle in the comic, after the one on the cover.  I like Iowa’s pose and facial expression too.  Moab was one of the first comics where I really let myself go with the single line mouths for characters who are speaking. There are four examples on this page.

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