moab: page 8

Moab-page8-grey-blogIn addition to being generally intelligent and having a good memory, Jack is also good at dealing with objects in space. (This is a trait I do not have, as in truly epic levels of not having, so it always seems a bit superheroic to me.)  And he is not going to hog the chance to saddle up the moa skeleton either.  It’s her legs that are going to fit in front of the drumsticks, right from the beginning.  As far as Jack is concerned, Iowa is an irresistible force.

She actually really does comb her hair sometimes, too. I wanted her to look rumpled and hard working in this story, not like she was off to a job interview, but her hairstyle in the upper right is more of an inking error that needs to be corrected than a character development choice. I should maybe do that.

The word “adventure”: getting comic book characters into terrible trouble since the invention of the cave painting.

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