moab: page 10

moab-page10-grey-blog(Awww.)  Welcome back to Moab, after our unplanned holiday weekend hiatus.  And the reason I waited for everyone to get back to their electronic devices on Tuesday was the break between the previous page and this one.  This is the Big Reveal.  The cowboy and his faithful saddle moa have been separated for a long time by some indefinite magical circumstances, and they are pretty glad to see each other again.

I planned to make this a classic two panel mini page, with the upper panel showing the moa partway between its skeletal and her fully-manifested form and the second one being the sentimental moment when the old friends are reunited.  But adding Iowa and her reaction to the space between the two panels proved irresistible.

Is it the saddle who brings Moab back to life, or the cowboy’s sweet talk?  (I’ve met real cowboys who sweet talk their ponies exactly the same way while they saddle up.)

Moab is also the name of a city in eastern Utah in the United States, which was possibly named after a place mentioned in the Bible.  Today, Moab is best known as a tourist destination favored by visitors to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and by filmmakers seeking dramatic locations.  But it is an authentic Western location and an obvious name for a cowboy’s cowmoa.

Keen observers may notice that Moab seems to grow her own sheepskin saddle pad– if this is what bothers you out of this whole fantasy, be reassured that it’s all part of the whole magical realist Kekionga thing. Or the artist forgetting all about the saddle pad until the crucial moment.  We wouldn’t want Moab to be uncomfortable, or the saddle not to look right.

(To catch up, or reread Moab + commentary from the beginning, start with page one here and follow the little arrows at the top of the page.)



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