moab: page 12


Another transformation. I don’t like this one as well as the others: the first transitional form looks a little bulky and clumsy, though I like the pose and the idea well enough.  In a perfect world, I might redraw that figure and leave the rest of the page mostly alone.

Moab, on the other hand was a joy to draw from start to finish.  I particularly like the way she lifts up her foot to clear the transforming werewolf in the second panel, and her expression while running after him in the third.  She’s fast– the moa is definitely gaining on the wolf.

Attentive readers of the blog will remember the little double portrait of Jack and Iowa at the far left of the second tier– an early version of this bit of the page, inked, but with the pencils still underneath got its own post here while I was working on the comic.   I still think it is the definitive image of their relationship.

Oddly enough, Moab and the cowboy’s reaction to the bright light of the world outside the maze was one of the first scenes I imagined when I scribbled down an outline for this story.    I wanted to show Jack, Iowa and the Professor, in his Moondog form, being delighted to be outside, while the world itself was a strange and possibly oppressive place to the two who had been trapped inside.  The Moondog, at least, looks suitably goofy and happy.

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