moab: page 13


This is the one page of the whole comic we call Moab that has a (partial) panel border.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea.  It was in the scribble breakdown and I meticulously added it to the finished page without any deeper thought.  I like it, though– especially when Moab sticks her big beak out of it at the right margin of the lower tier.

And it is a pacing page, designed for a bit of extra character development to get the action to where it has to be to finish the comic where I wanted it to end. Plus I got to draw Moab and her facial expressions some more.  If you have never drawn a moa squinting, you have never … drawn a moa squinting.  It’s fun.

After I finished this comic I did a bit of research and discovered that sunglasses, in the form of spectacles made with blue, pink, green, or amber tinted glass, were certainly known in the post Civil War-late 19th Century period when most classic Westerns take place.  They were mostly an urban and/or upper class phenomenon, and often vaguely medical in nature, protective or adaptive devices intended for people who suffered from “weak eyes” rather than essential accessories for working class guys living healthy outdoor lives.  So I think it’s OK that Jack’s Target-sourced everyday shades would seem “amazin'” to our cowboy.

Note: the correct time to do this research would be during the planning or writing stage, or any time before you print the comic, really.

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