moab: page 14


“Heigh ho, Moab, away!”  Here’s to posting the last three pages all in a row.  Did I know, absolutely know, when I started writing this story that this line was going to appear prominently in the finished piece, as the cowboy rides out of the narrative on his moa?    Oh, yeah.  I know it is corny.  I am not afraid to be corny.  I embrace my corniness and feel that the world needs more stories that are … sincere, for want of a better word.  And yes, I am a cynic in my real life, and snarky to a fault.  “Do I contradict myself?  Very well, then, I contradict myself.”  That’s Walt Whitman and Walt Whitman was cool.

Artistically, we have lots of Moab, a pretty good Jack in profile, and especially the five small figures in the lower tier.  I have a long and complicated relationship with simplification and drawing very small (the original of this five figure panel is 6 1/2 inches long and maybe three inches high), and when what I call “little figures” go right I think they come closer to realizing my inner landscape then some of my larger, more elaborate, more “correct” drawings.  The Moondog image, especially, really captures the Professor at about 95% wolf.  The difference from a pure wolf is in the shape of the paws, which are slightly fingerlike here.

A better writer than I am would be able to devise a sound effect for a large, heavy, bipedal bird running at full speed carrying a rider.  It would be something like “shunk, shunk, shunk”, with some kind of rustling grass sound on top of it.


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