moab: page 16

moab-page16-grey-blogMoab ends, as my comics often do, with the characters walking home.  So, The End.  Thank you very much for reading.

For those not previously familiar, I almost always put the indicia and other information on the back covers of my minicomics, underneath a single square panel that either ends the story or comments on it. (In comics with wrap around covers, look either at the inside front or the inside back.) The comics are numbered sequentially as part of  title block set in one of my favorite fonts from P22-  Garamouche, which is a stylized Garamond that sets up in a charmingly crooked way.  The image is a Soviet style Socialist Realist printers’ dingbat depicting a grain elevator.  (This is of course the storage area of the Kekionga MiniWorks– imaging a huge complex of grain elevators filled with minicomics.)  This dingbat also comes from P22; it is part of their Constructivist font pack.

The tag lines at the end of the indicia vary with the space left after the artist’s notes. Only the first and the last ones are required.  Moab actually has most of them.  The full list reads:  “Honest comics since 1989.  Six turning, four burning.  A small press is a free press.  A kid can always dream.  Corgis got white paws.”

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2 Responses to moab: page 16

  1. Layla Lawlor says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I just got all caught up with the posts today, and really enjoyed reading this! The author’s notes as much as the story – I love behind-the-scenes process stuff, and this was great.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Thanks. I admit I enjoy writing this stuff and it’s good to hear that people enjoy reading it and don’t find it too self indulgent. I’m always a little suprised by how much I remember of the process even some time later. More to come, I’m sure, and thanks again for reading.

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