first appearance

This is one of the most interesting thing that can happen in the drawing of the day project. A little figure in a random drawing can start to grow, and a few days later the familiar 7×10 hardcover spiral sketchbook is hosting the first drawings a new character.

I know her name and a little bit about her, but I don’t know where she will eventually emerge. It might be Kekionga; a Halloween story is a possibility (of course), as is a story where she interacts with Anpu. (No saying it couldn’t be the same story.) But I also have a weird feeling that she may be a character in the novel I am thinking of using to try NaNo this year.  

That’s why this phase of character development is the best place to be: enjoying the moments of discovery leading to that first appearance.
Just for fun, instead of scanning this pencil sketch, I photographed it in its natural environment and ran it through a suitably atmospheric filter on Pixlr.

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