best of the drawing of the day: three more characters, one of which is possibly a ghost

a-ghost-etc-blogI am posting this drawing of the day as part of the blog series for a couple of reasons.  One is that I really like it, and the other is that the character at the far right, the girl in the simple black dress, sneakers and mummy bandages with the longcat on her shoulder, is the prototype of the new “Ancient Egypt Girl” character introduced here yesterday.   She’s already changed a lot from this simple figure, but I keep coming back to this image when I draw her face, because this is always how she is going to look.  I find that the first good drawing of a character (which is often, but not always, the first drawing overall) captures something of their expression that I never quite get right again until a number of years and hundreds of drawings have passed.

None of this is to take away from the other two, who are a dragon and his Other Self and the hairless guy who may or may not be a ghost.  He may also be an angel, or some other kind of messenger of the Celestial Bureaucracy.  They are all pretty cool.  I am pretty sure we will see the Ancient Egypt Girl again– Ancient Egypt and girls both being recurring themes– and I wouldn’t bet against the  ghost angel, either. But I think if there is a character in the cast who is really a dragon’s Other Self, he or she is almost certainly somebody we already know.

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