Let’s open the picture file labeled “imaginary history of Kekionga”, and  consider this vintage photograph.

69290ccec24234904c43aa818306f58c Its original caption reads “Miss Dorothy Tierney with porcupine, 1926.” We are taken by Ms. Tierney’s charming smile, her very chic cloche hat, and by how the old fashioned custom of wearing white gloves all the time was really quite sensible, especially when a lady was required to pick up small spiky creatures. We also wonder if this particular creature might be a hedgehog rather than a porcupine, and upon further thought discover that we are unsure how to tell the difference. We think that porcupines are normally much larger than hedgehogs, but speculate that this one might be a baby.

(In Kekionga in 1926, Miss Tierney was almost certainly a librarian at what was then the Kekionga Public Library*.  She would remind you that pets, and other animals, are not allowed in the library without written permission granted well in advance.)

*Now the Salt County Public Library, Kekionga Downtown Branch.

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