french translations from the dollar store

Happy October.  Thanks to the upcoming holiday and the marketing policy of the better dollar stores, who wish to sell all their finest seasonal products to our bilingual neighbors to the North, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve our French. Who wouldn’t want to learn the French translations for common English phrases like these?


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2 Responses to french translations from the dollar store

  1. Rick Santman says:

    I’ve always found MOST spiders to be decorative. Outside they remain undisturbed by me, welcome to go about their spidery business with no interference. Alas, inside they turn into vermin. Don’t go looking for ’em, but they’re chased down and gooshed if they’re unfortunate enough to cross my path.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      This is very similar to my attitude toward spiders. I am currently rather annoyed at my spider neighbors. As readers of the blog know, I now have a good macro lens and have been practicing using it, really hoping that I would get some cool spider photographs this fall. But everybody is been very hide-y this year. Step up and be photographed, spiders! It is time to support the arts!

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