the fujimatic: indoors and out


My pocket camera (the very secondhand Fuji X-M1) is a photographic superhero.  Most of the time it is a mild mannered prime lens compact, fitted with Fuji’s modest but very good small sized normal prime*.  But sometimes it goes super, super retro that is, with an old school fixed focus fixed aperture lens**, just like the one in an old Instamatic.  It becomes the Fujimatic, scourge of bourgeois mainstream concepts*** like sharpness, contrast, and reducing digital noise by maintaining the lowest possible ISO.  Just set the camera to aperture priority, point, frame and shoot.  The Fujimatic is liberating and the results it yields are always interesting, and sometimes oddly beautiful.  Here is our backyard burning bush, just starting to burn, and (below) a soft but colorful view of the corner of my studio.   Super high ISO there, too, but with the Fujimatic it’s all just retro cool.


*For camera geeks, that’d be the Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 pancake, offering the traditional 40mm equivalent field of view of the classic pancake prime lens.

** The Fuji XM-FL 24mm f/8 body cap lens.  Cheap, sturdy enough, tons of fun and sold only in Japan.  But you can get it from eBay and Amazon.

***”Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.”  Henri Cartier-Bresson.


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