“ferociously realistic”: the complete story

“Ferociously Realistic”

a picture story from  Kekionga

Part 1



At the beginning of the last week of September, Iowa went the Big Box Home Improvement Store with her friend Suki to buy supplies for one of Suki’s art projects.

“Normally, I’d give you a rant,” said Iowa, “about how disgusting it is that the store is all Halloweened up while it’s still September.  But considering they already have the Christmas stuff out, including the illuminated plastic Nativity scene that is set up


so it looks like that one Wise Man is eavesdropping on the Holy Family and just heard that they’ve already got more myrrh than they could possibly want… well, all the purple tinsel cats and spiders don’t look that bad.”



“I think it’s cool,” said Suki, and she got out her camera.



Part 2

Of course, the best Halloween stuff is always the werewolf stuff.

 You’ll be howling at the moon in no time!

 “Maybe they are sort of ferocious,” said Iowa, “But they’re not very realistic.”

“Which kind is your boss?  A grey one, a brown one, or a black one?” asked Suki.

“I’m not sure which is closer,” said Iowa thoughtfully. “But there’s one way to find out.”

Part 3

brown-wolf-to-cut-crop2-simplewarp-blogThe next day, vagely psychedelic versions of Suki’s best photographs of the Ferociously Realistic werewolves had mysteriously appeared on all the bulletin boards in the basement of the library.


“Which kind are you, Professor?”  Iowa spoke innocently from her work table in the corner as he stood in front of the display.


“I started out as a brown one, Ms. Ginsberg but I am rapidly turning into a grey one.  And furthermore I blame you, your friends, and your endless shenanigans for my transformation.”

Part 4

“And for your information,” the Professor went on, “This is what you might more reasonably call ‘ferociously realistic’.”


“Can’t argue with that, sir,” said Iowa.”At least somewhat ferocious, and undeniably realistic.”

“Indeed. More ferocious than you might suspect, Ms. Ginsberg.  Now, back to work.”

“I’ll make you some tea, sir.”

Part 5

sketchbookgideon3-cropandcleanup-blogWhen Iowa showed Suki her phone camera shots, Suki looked at them for a long time.

sketchbookgideon1-cleanupandcrop-blog“I’m not sure,” she said, “whether the spectacles ruin it or not.”


“But the collar and tie just make it more so,” said Iowa.

“Your boss is weird,” said Suki.


Suki’s small camera

(Happy last day of September, everyone.  October awaits.)

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