cubic plants from the toy camera

Polaroid CUBE

My Polaraid Cube toy camera hadn’t been charged up in a long time, so while it was plugged into the computer I took the opportunity to download the images off its tiny micro SD card.

I seem to use this camera a lot in grocery stores and markets.  I love photographing both fruit and vegetables and things in piles, both of which abound in such places, and the Cube, being a more or less featureless little black box 35mm on a side, doesn’t attract the odd attention you seem to get when you start swinging a DSLR with a macro lens around in the produce department. Yes, I will do that in the middle of the winter, but right now there’s wonderful plant shooting outside in the garden, so I stick to the toy camera on grocery trips.

This camera can yield decent straightforward snapshots like the one at the top of the post. The mild distortion is part of shooting with a super wide angle.  The papery textures of the garlic and the shiny reds, purples and browns of the shallots are interesting to look at in spite of the low fidelity qualities of this very simple lens.

And then I started experimenting with taking deep crops, raising the contrast and dropping the highlights, and the further I went the more interesting it got.


Polaroid CUBE

More interesting.

Polaroid CUBE

The weird flattening or cut paper effect isn’t something I added deliberately– it just seems to happen when you go deep into these images and raise the contrast.  This is lots of fun.  I tried it with an outdoor shot and got this dogwood just starting to change color, and already starting to show the buds of next year’s flowers.

Polaroid CUBE

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