best of the drawing of the day: inktober, day 11

inktober-11-blogLet’s drop in on this month’s “Inktober” drawing challenge.  I’m trying it this year by combining my regular Drawing of the Day project with the prompt list and daily posting requirement of the online challenge.  (Read some of my thoughts about Inktober from the first few days here.)

Today’s prompt was “transport”, and I was glad because it gave me an excuse to draw one of my favorite sketchbook things, which is a line of people waiting for a bus or tram.  In this case, these people are waiting for a bus (or tram) in the City plane of Other Place, that place where the collective subconscious of all the timelines are made manifest and all that other cool stuff.  The OP is home to all kinds of individuals, including some peoples of folkloric origins as well as the baseline humans that constitute most of the audience for this blog. (I assume.)

So in this group, which seems to consist mostly of kids on their way to school, we can see at least one chimera,the hexapod girl giving her smaller friend a ride, a demonic girl wearing an oversized jacket, the tall boy at the far right who may be of mixed descent, and the adult at the end of the line who is probably Valley, in other words a Neanderthal.   Everyone else is probably a baseliner, including the person dancing on the concrete slab, whose horns and ears are attached to their hoodie, a popular fashion statement in many of the timelines, including our own.

The object on the far left is the bus (or tram) stop kiosk, consisting of a light on top that flashes when the bus (or tram) approaches, a screen under a lighted sunshade which displays the bus (or tram) schedule and other essential information from CityNet, and a large public trash can with the line and stop number posted on it.  You aren’t supposed to bring food and coffee on board, but everybody does anyway.

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