the notebook, at the cafe, with cameras

cafecamerasfor-blog-tweak-resizeTook a disreputably long photography walk one day last week, and ended up, as so often happens, at the cafe.  Beside buying a coffee and a cinnamon scone and photographing my cameras* (“cafe cameras” is an ongoing series on my kekiongacomics Instagram feed), I hauled out the cartoonist’s handy pocket notebook.  The notebook, live at the cafe.

  • Life’s great quandary:
  • You’ve finally reached the head of the line at the cafe, but somebody outside has a really cool dog.
  • Hipster boy (flirting with hipster girl): Do you like olives?
  • Hipster girl: No.
  • Hipster boy: Why not?
  • Hipster girl (vehemently): They’re purple.  And salty.
  • Hipster boy:  Not the green ones.

*That’s the Fujimatic on the left and Mischief on the right.

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