best of the drawing of the day: hidden

inktober6-full-greyscale-2ndcrop-blogThis one of my favorites (so far) of the special drawings of the day I’m doing as part of the Inktober project on the Internet.  This is a project that challenges artists to make a finished drawing in ink every day during the month of October, and there are several prompt lists circulating that some participants are using.  I’ve been surprised how different working on Inktober has been from doing my usual drawing of the day.  Finishing and posting every day (or trying to do so) and using a prompt list are both unfamiliar and challenging.

The prompt for October sixth was “hidden”, and I immediately flashed on an ink-only drawing with no pencil underdrawing, featuring a little animal hiding behind a rock or a bush in the lower right and a full moon in the upper left, both the only things left a clean white as they were surrounded by a Kekionga night scene, fully textured in shades of grey. The animal was originally going to be a rabbit, or perhaps a lunar hare, but it turned into a not-particularly horrible creature that is partway between a rabbit and a dog, and I decided to leave it.

The dancers were unplanned– they just turned up after one plant form ended up looking more like a figure than a bush and I decided to go with that too and added two more.  The finished drawing ended up more mystical than creepy, and I like it.  That’s the secret of the semi-automatic type of drawing that the drawing of the day project usually represents: following the muse instead of some kind of vaguely conceived plan usually turns out to be the more interesting choice.

The pen is my new TWSBI Eco extra fine, which is turning out to be one of the best scritchy-scratchy pens I’ve ever used.  And I learned a lot about scanning from working with this drawing and trying to get a digitized version that was somewhat faithful to its line quality.

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2 Responses to best of the drawing of the day: hidden

  1. Sean K. says:

    A really lovely image, I must say. It also strikes me that the title/theme “Hidden” could equally refer to the dancing figures, who blend in to the background somewhat, as to the small, white creature.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I’m sure that’s true. Drawings usually have more meanings than the one(s) you put in on purpose.

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