3 more tuesdays

This blog is non political, and will continue on that path.  I want it to be a safe place, a place where you can come every day to look at some art, read a bit of fiction or a poem,and/or have fun with odd facts and ideas and snarky comments on the little weirdnesses of the world around us.

But I have scheduled three off topic posts in a series for today and the next three Tuesdays, and they will all have the same non political message for our readers in the US.

Vote.  Please vote.  

This election is the most important in many years. The choices are pretty clear cut and whatever happens you will want to be able to look back and say you did what you could to support the side that you think is right for the country.

Vote.  Vote by mail if you haven’t already.  Vote early if your state permits.  Vote on election day at your local precinct, surrounded by your neighbors. Don’t just sit there and let history happen to you.  Stand up and be counted.


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