more about emerson, and giant tortoises in general

dscf8551-tweak-4x3-2-blogEmerson (at the Toledo Zoo) is Galapagos tortoise #30.  Even though he is well into Galapagos tortoise middle age at 115 (GT lifespan being about 200 years or a bit more), he is still a vital part of the zoo breeding program for the species and needs an ID number so he can be introduced to suitable lady tortoises at reasonable intervals.  (You go, Emerson.)

I was charmed by this low tech white-paint-on-the-shell numbering system, which seems so much more “tortoise-y” than the bar code or RFID tag one might expect after watching more than a few nature documentaries.

What number is painted on Thoreau (or Melville), the Galapagos tortoise at Kekionga’s Stone Bridge Zoo?  I feel like this is a very important question.



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