the purple horse on halloween


Happy Halloween Eve from World Headquarters, as of yesterday the home of the famous Purple Horse. (Read yesterday’s post for the story.)  I wanted to make at least one photograph, or perhaps more properly a piece of digital art, using something out of Pixlr’s* presumably temporary assortment of special Halloween filters.  Most of these are pretty heavyhanded, but this one with the spider webs is kinda nice, particularly combined with the “old dirty glass plate” effect frame out of the usual assortment.  (You can barely see that the Purple Horse is actually standing on one of our garbage cans.)

This poor little phone camera photograph was stepped on pretty hard in the edits in Pixlr before the effects were applied, and was tweaked again on FastStone afterwards, then finished up with a touch of the warp brush in Paintshop Pro to remove a distracting logo.  I would definitely call the result “digital art based on a photograph” rather than photography proper.  And a pretty silly example at that, but it’s Halloween, so lets have fun with it.

*Pixlr is a powerful and entertaining photo editing suite for smartphones, with both serious editing tools and lots of less serious add on stuff like spiderwebs.  If you ever see me doing something silly with a photograph, I probably did it on Pixlr.)

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