the last day of inktober

inktober-31-blog-cropIt happened last week, of course, but I finished the October drawing challenge called Inktober in what felt like pretty good style on Halloween, with this drawing of Werewolf! Murphy and Vampire! Mr. (more properly Count) Spit. ( I actually drew it in a bar during happy hour because I was on vacation at the time.)

It was interesting to see how working in a formal challenge (to draw a finished drawing in ink every single day) using a prompt list changed the flavor of my regular Drawing of the Day project.  You might even say the Drawing of the Day was transformed, however temporarily, by the need to finish and share each drawing.  I’m not sure I took the individual pieces more seriously– I always take the Drawing of the Day very seriously, more than I probably should– but I was much more aware of the audience.  Most of the time, I’m the one who decides whether anyone else sees any one particular drawing.  But during Inktober people were going see every single one of them for a month, so I probably fussed a little more.

That fussing did have a practical benefit as well– all the almost-daily scanning and tweaking broke me to working with the New Scanner and my new version of PaintShop Pro.  As you see here, I even started dabbling for the first time with adding black and white toning to “ordinary” drawings this Inktober.

Finally, since the series ended up where everything always ends up for me: in Kekionga, with two of my favorite members of the core cast, I should probably mention that I feel a short story perking about these two and the psychology of why certain people chose certain costumes on Halloween. So don’t be surprised if you see this drawing again soon, perhaps accompanied by others.

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