best of the drawing of the day: the faerie dragon

faeriedragon-blogThere’s a foundation rule for Kekionga and the vast, twisted city-on-the-edge-of-forever space opera universe that surrounds it: no elves, no aliens, no ansible.  This is (surprisingly for me) a hard and fast rule that has molded the very nature of the Knotted Rope in fundamental ways.  I take it very seriously, although some of the occasional additions (“no giant furry unicorns”) are intended humorously.

Luckily, this rule only applies to storytelling canon, the comics and the prose stories, and not to the sketchbooks at all.  The sketchbooks are Liberty Hall, man, and aliens are pretty common there. Elves, not so much–  I really don’t like elves– but sometimes you get a character like this bug-eyed faery, who takes his form from the elfin, the alien, the forest creepy-crawly, and the nightmare in equal parts.  And manages to look pretty cool in spite or because.

The dragon, like all the best sketchbook dragons, can be any shape he wants, and he’s pretty pleased with his new snail antennae.


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