best of the drawing of the day: “box”, or “hand truck bud”

inktober-26-blogAs you can tell by the number worked into the design, this is one of this year’s Inktober drawings.  The prompt for the 26th day was “box”, which immediately suggested to me one of the many mysterious boxes that are stacked up in the sheds and pole barns that make up Kekionga Salvage, Bud’s transdimensional Junkyard.  So, we get a drawing of Bud moving boxes on a hand truck.  Josef, in spite of being a ferociously active little being, loves to catch a ride on any possible vehicle.  I decided that the box in question should be a fancy one, perhaps part of a stage magician’s prop kit, which in turn justifies the silk scarf which may or may not have a pattern of actual galaxies.  (Stage magic often moves beyond its usual limits in the atmosphere of the Junkyard.)

Artistically, this is a good illustration of Josef’s ability to change size within a fairly limited range.  He was originally supposed to be just a little bit bigger than normal to show that the box is well in front of Bud, but I got a little carried away as usual.  This is why Josef can change size in the first place– his character design developed to match my own ongoing pattern of artistic inconsistencies.  (And this is where creativity comes from, more often than not.)

And yes, I am starting to experiment with adding simple tones to my line drawings.

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