You may have noticed that it has begun to snow.  It started late last evening, and knowing WordPress it should keep up until very early in the New Year.  As always, if it really bothers you, let me know and I will consider turning it off. But I will admit I personally like it although it makes me feel rather melancholy.

That’s the holiday word for this year, I think, melancholy.  A lot of us feel that our country and our world are not in a great place right now. We now know things about our neighbors (and maybe even our family and friends) that we didn’t know before, and maybe we would have been happier not knowing.   It’s a bit of a Blue Christmas.

In spite of it all I’ve done a little decorating around here; even made a new header with some holiday red. And in tribute to the blue, I made you a Blue Christmas wallpaper . I took the photograph yesterday on the last of November.  If you want the full sized version, just ask.


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One Response to december

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    You captured some of my own feelings in this post, Pam. I usually look forward to this time of the year, but now it feels like a prelude to a dreadful unknown once the Christmas lights are put away and the new year begins to roll in. Let’s hope for the best and continue to fight the good fight! Bon Hiver!

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