smol typer

(A new little creative tool, bought with pocket money in the Black Friday sales, is used to make a fragment of prose in the “bad science fiction” style. There is a photograph to go with it.)



I haz a smol typer.

Do you like to type words with a typer? Type thinky things, or stories or such?

Do you haz a big typer, a lappy top or a desky with a stand up screen and a pluggy letter board with extra numbers, maybe a mousy even?  Or maybe you be old skool with a typer what types on paper out of the big box with stacks each wrapped like presents.  Could be the plug in kind that hums with a rattly ball, or even a tangly typer with a lever that slides the thing and rings a bell.  (That kind do not plug in or have batteries neither.  Old skool is old.)

Some word peeps dont like real typers atall and just haz plain screens. You can make pictures of anything on a plain screen, even pictures of the letter board on a typer and you touch the letters like you was typing but it iznt real.  Its just a pretend typer.  Like on a phone.

I say pretend typers is fine on a phone but not for making stories and real stuff. And I has a big typer, a desky, and that is good when I iz in my room.  But what I likes best is a smol typer, one that clicks and is real for typing but iznt too big neither.

I used to haz a smol typer. It was a netty book and I liked it lots but that was a long time ago. Then I haz a plain screen which is good for lots of things but not typing like I said before because it is only pretend.

But did you know that now you can get a smol boxx of black plastic? And on one side there is a letter board with real clicks and on the other side there is a slot- and when you put a plain screen in the slot you can type on the letter board and see it on the screen and it is not just a smol boxx now, it is a smol typer!  A real smol typer that works fine.

I will type manymore  words on my new smol typer that I made myself out of bits.  Smol typer is smol.

(I gots the plain screen at the big bookstore.  You can take the bookstore stuff off of it real easy.  The smol boxx with the letter board I got on the internets.  You can make your own smol typer too.)

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