watercolor corgi in the snow


The dire corgi trotting through the first snow yesterday, with a watercolor effect.  (Experienced photographers will already suspect what is going on here– full notes at the end of the post.)



(For photo geeks: yes, you guessed it, there’s a major salvage job going on here.  I have a bad habit of leaving Kilo on Manual with auto ISO (TAv in Pentax speak) and set up for whatever I was doing when I last put it down, which in this case was some lower light shooting at twilight.  So my first shots on this snowy afternoon were grossly overexposed, with large areas of burnt pure whites. Normally, mistakes of this kind go straight into the electronic bin, but I was intrigued enough by some of the remaining shapes that I decided to experiment a bit.  The first step was a deep crop to isolate the interesting parts, then I slid the gamma way down to maximize the remaining color.  Then I lowered both highlights and shadows to find whatever detail was left, and saturated what color was left way past what might be realistic  into art range.  A disaster, certainly, but one with interesting results.  We wouldn’t call it “photography”, though.  It’s more “digital art”.  Pentax K-5iis “Kilo”/D-FA 100mm f/2.8 WR macro.)

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