best of the drawing of the day: fashionable mage in tweed


This drawing of the day from back in November (we haven’t had this feature in a while, have we?) combines three of the regular sketchbook themes: characters who are described as magic users,  Mysterious Animals/Horrible Creatures, and a rather over the top approach to menswear.  In this case the last created the first, since someone who is wearing trousers decorated with magic symbols tucked into pointy wizard shoes is almost certainly a mage, even if he is also wearing a tweed jacket and horn rim specs.  (The long knitted scarf floating around could belong to anybody in sketchbook world.)  His familiar is probably more on the Mysterious Animals end of the MA/HC spectrum, resembling nothing so much as a cross between a Japanese kirin and one of the Animals with the Black Ears.  If its ears actually were black, it would definitely be a Horrible Creature, but since they aren’t, we can give it the benefit of the doubt.

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