suddenly, a monster hunter appears

monsterhunter-firstlook-blogHere’s a first look at a new character for this year’s Oh Comics! story to debut at SPACE in the spring.  This is a themed anthology and this year’s theme is Monsters.  So, “Monsters of Kekionga”, and therefore, a visiting monster hunter.  She is the humorous editor of a fairly serious “Monster Manual” for dimension travelers.  Kekionga is already known for its famous Sleepy Monster, but maybe there have been enough reports of other types to warrant a second visit …

I am actually pretty happy with this “first appearance” drawing, though I may stylize her even more so she is just nose, glasses, hair, vest, boots and boonie hat.  The way the blacked out boots ended up looking like monster paws is a happy accident.  More on this story as it develops.

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