new year’s eve in antelopia


Antelopia is my ongoing series of portrait images of taxidermy antelopes.  They represent a lot of things to me: formality, and Western civilization, and the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the relationship of art to nature.  But mostly they are just wonderful and challenging to photograph in their dignity and melancholy.


I took these portraits this afternoon at Cabela’s– they are almost certainly the last semi-serious photographs I will take in 2016.  I’m ending this year as I began it– working on my stupid art projects.  What I have for you tonight is advice to do the same if you can.  No matter what happens next year, if you are making art, you are holding up a candle in the dark.  Keep on working, my friends.


(This is where I usually write something about the year that’s ending– maybe about some things that happened in my life, or the best movies and TV shows or whatever.  And maybe I will do that tomorrow.  If nothing else, I’m still sitting on a review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I plan to see Rogue One on Monday.  A review of The Good Place and an appreciation of The Murdoch Mysteries/The Artful Detective are on the list of things to do.  But for now, you get hartebeestes and kudus. And mock acacia.)

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