fifty superheroes: number one

Last year, I decided to add a little something extra to my drawing of the day project in the second half of the year, and challenged myself to draw 5o new superheroes, complete with name, costume, and some kind of concept and/or backstory, in six months.   Actually, considering I dropped this side project during Inktober, I ended up doing it in five months, although just barely.  So now, a drum roll please, for Superhero #1/50:


The White Wolf is a neighborhood kid hero who can take on some of the features of a magical white wolf.  This partial transformation unlocks his powers: keen senses, peak human strength and agility and a devastating claw attack with his right hand, which he controls with a white leather gauntlet. The rest of his uniform is black super-neoprene, while his goggles preserve his night vision in bright light.  Note that the “wolf eye” design is actually on the goggles as part of his disguise.  Whether The White Wolf will ever achieve a full transformation, and what this will mean for his life and career, remains to be seen.

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