fifty superheroes: number two

Let’s get this super party well started with a second post in a row from the Fifty Superheroes from the Sketchbook files.02-kalmak-blog

Kalmak, as noted on the original drawing, is an Alien Hero.  In fact, he’s almost certainly an Alien Soldier, if not an Alien General, who has found his/her/itself stranded on Earth and decided to use his/her/its powers for Good.  Like most heroes of this kind, Kalmak is probably on the conservative, law abiding side of goodness.  Many of Kalmak’s super abilities are linked to his/her/its mysterious Cloak of Changes, which I think has something to do with luck or probability.  Those mighty boots may have some kind of super thing going on too.

I have no idea what the dragon is doing there except to take the place of the rock, stump or piece of broken statuary that would normally be required by the heroic pose.

“Kalmak” is one of those words I was obscurely worried about after I wrote it. Did I actually make it up, or did I read it somewhere else and just absorb it?  The internet is great for this, and I am comforted to see that Kalmak is not the name of some famous copyrighted property or a well know cuss word in another language.  It does however mean “stay” or “halt” in Turkish, which has a great feel and could easily be written into Kalmak’s origin story if desired.

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