best of the drawing of the day: snowflake color special


My friend Paul Sizer designed a superhero called The Snowflake recently as an art exercise. (Or is it just Snowflake?  I’ll have to look again.  Minor fail of either memory or paying attention. These details are important in superheroics.)  I was motivated to take his skintights-mask-and-boots, “real” superhero costume and reinterpret it as a Kekionga style improvised costume, featuring a hand-knit sweater designed to match the Snowflake symbol and black and white colorblock pattern. (Whether this person is a Snowflake fan/cosplayer or a “real” alternate universe superpowered hero is entirely up to you.)

Anyway, I had so much fun doing it that I decided to color it to see if my design would work in a “real” four color universe and I think it sort of does.  My favorite thing about the color version is the way the flood fill tool reacted to the broken pattern of the dry brush designs on the ground, leaving the small isolated bits in black and white. It actually looks a bit like snow or ice.  Note that the falling snow in blue and white in the background is purely digital, added in the coloring phase without ever being inked.  I am sort of starting to enjoy working this way, at least in moderation.

All colors are taken from the growing collection of “official” Kekionga color palettes.

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