this is not a picture of detroit, michigan

buickstand-blogIt happened again for the second year in a row.  I was in Chicago (Illinois) for the Chicago Auto Show today, and I took this particular picture with my smartphone.  It’s a perfectly conventional view of the Buick show stand, as seen from the edge of the Cadillac stand.  The two exhibits were in the same places last year, and when I took a similar picture in 2016, the Google in my phone decided that I was in Detroit, Michigan. For the rest of my visit, it kept me up to the minute on the weather in Detroit, informed me of important developments in Detroit local news, and suggested nearby restaurants (in Detroit) where I might want to have lunch and interesting Detroit landmarks and attractions in case I wanted to extend my stay.

This morning it did exactly the same thing. It was midafternoon and I was most of the way home to Indiana before the Google realized I was not in the Motor City.  I can only conclude that Buick’s stand at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (always two or three weeks before the show in Chicago) features the same staging and cars and is set up in a part of the hall with similar architecture, and that Google’s image recognition software can’t tell the difference between shiny new Buicks at the Cobo Center and the same Buicks at McCormick Place.

Stupid Google.  Also, slightly creepy.  Never take a picture with your Android phone that you don’t want the Google or its algorithms to look at.

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