auto show colors and color names: thank you, ford

autoshow-fusionlabel-blog autoshow-fusion2-tweak-blogThanks go out to the Ford Motor Company, who once again this year left the Monroney window sticker stuck in the window of every car on their display stand at the Chicago Auto Show.  For those of us who love car colors, and especially the names of car colors, it’s kind of them to make it so easy to connect a gorgeous, or at least interesting, color with its name.  I score these as two “gorgeous” and one …” interesting”.


autoshow-mintlabel-blog autoshow-mint-blogusethis2Do you agree?

As always, auto show photography is a particular challenge.  Oddly enough, my phone camera has fairly accurate color rendition, so it is often my best choice for this kind of work, but all of these Ford stand shots required a very slight boost to the blue channel to counteract the very warm lights.  (Color memory is vitally important here.) And, as always, rules of composition regarding the cutting off of heads, limbs and other crucial bits of the human body go by the wayside when you are shooting cars in a crowd. If you go somewhere like a big auto show, expect to appear, whole or in part, in the snapshots of others.  Everybody’s in the shot, all the time.

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1 Response to auto show colors and color names: thank you, ford

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Hmm. I make that out to be dark red/black, burnt orange/black, and light green/black.

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