best of the drawing of the day: the observation unit

theobservationunit-straightened-blog“Got no idea what’s going on here,” the cartoonist said cheerfully, not bothered in the least to have drawn a scientist-type character looking out from a picture frame set into the side of a large Mysterious Animal (or possibly a Horrible Creature).  Is the Observation Unit a real thing, possibly a robotic Trojan Horse contraption for scientific research, or perhaps a metaphor for the Human Condition?

Because sometimes I feel like I’m riding around inside a giant beast that is bounding around the landscape as I look out and watch and take no control whatsoever.

(This is an unplanned drawing, hashed out in the scritchy-scratchy pen without the help of any pencil lines, and then fiddled with pretty seriously with both natural media corrections in whiteout and marker and with the 5 Pixel Paintbrush in post.  I find the 5 Pixel PB just about equals the lines made with the TWSBI Eco EF fountain pen on a 400 dpi Drawing of the Day.)

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