morning haiku

A 100% increase in home coffee brewing capacity leads directly to a corresponding increase in early morning poetry output.

  • Coffee grounds in wet brown
  • filter. Do not dump them all
  • over the kitchen.

Or maybe a not-a-haiku is better:

  • Coffee grounds in wet brown filter:
  • Please do not dump them
  • All over the kitchen.
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2 Responses to morning haiku

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Heaven help us, Cat and I have moved on to a Keurig, which my beloved set up just outside the upstairs bathroom, a couple steps away from the computer. t the age of 60, I finally caught the morning coffee habit. Individual cups, brewed in about 45 seconds, piping hot at your fingertips and no coffee grounds to deal with. For the weekends a bottle of scotch and an old style greasy spoon sugar dispenser sit next to the coffee maker. Coffee is a bit more expensive, but if we’re going to laze around over a potful Cat busts out the French press and makes a bunch in a more traditional fashion. For a cup and go while doing early morning comp chores, the Keurig cant be beat.

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