bottlecaps! design work in progress

bottlecap-designs-blogHard at work on, among other things, a minicomic about bottlecaps.  In this comic, I am going to have to draw a lot of bottlecaps. Not wanting to get into weird copyright issues, and because it is more fun to make things up, I invented my own brands and flavors of bottled soda.  I also studied real world bottlecap designs.  (Did you know there are people who have whole Instagrams full of pictures they have taken of bottlecaps?  There are.)   This was a surprisingly difficult challenge.

From the top, the cap designs for Lychee Flavor Fizz Wiz!, Old Fashioned Ginger Malted, and Lime Shiver.

I picture Fizz Wiz! as a brand of soda that comes in a whole ton of different fruit flavors, some pretty exotic, and uses one cap design for all with just the typeset word changed.  Sort of like an imaginary Jarritos.  Now that I think about it, I should put the exclamation point on the wizard hat.

The Old Fashioned series may be similar– a series of sodas in old style flavors like Sarsaparilla, Green River, Birch Beer, etc, with the old fashioned mug design on each cap with either the name of the flavor or the color designating the contents.  Ginger Malted is not a flavor that actually exists, as far as I know, but I bet it is pretty tasty.

And Lime Shiver is just a great soda in my favorite flavor– a terrific mixer with a tot of Brazilian sugarcane rum.

(Left the pencil in this scan to show how the designs fit into the circle of the top of the cap.)

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One Response to bottlecaps! design work in progress

  1. Wolfie says:

    Like Faygo, or Towne Club.

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