natural media art supplies: a phone camera photo shoot

Participating in an interesting discussion about “old school” natural media art supplies elsewhere on the interwebs.  To many of the participants (the younger ones, I assume) these tools were as obsolete as buggy whips.

Over here, not so much.  I took these four photographs around the studio as the discussion was going on.

Drawing table: tape, dusting brush (Purdy Cub angle, shiny copper ferrule), props for current comic, templates, erasers, penciled pages, scrap paper, Drawing Table Vision holding my pencil, spirit rock.

Side box holding tools currently in use.  Clearly I was doing corrections and pasteup as correction tools of all kinds, triangles and glue sticks are on top of the brushes and fountain pens.

Extra tools and pens in coffee cups– lettering pens not being used for the current project, markers, correction pens, and the scissors.  Plus crayons, more glue sticks, bandanna for wiping my hands, spare cartridge for brush pens, the Big Chinese Dusting Brush, etc. etc.

Piece of used tape stuck together to keep them from getting in the way.  They also form a barrier to stuff that might roll down the drawing table to its doom.

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