placemat drawing: ballpoint menagerie

Related to the phone doodle is the solo, improvised placemat drawing, usually executed with an everyday notebook pen rather than actual art supplies.  A hard little ballpoint like one of my favorite Pilot Better Retractable yields strange results, particularly on a heavily textured paper placemat.  Let’s just say I don’t usually go to places with textured placemats, or I would have brought a different pen.  Looks like I was still able to build a few tones.

There’s not much to say about the subject matter, which is the usual assortment of automatic drawing Mysterious Animals and Horrible Creatures, but that’s a variation on the Small Feather Bat in the center.  As always, a placemat is never the right size to fit on the scanner.  And just for fun, I scanned this in color, and coffee rings and greasy fingerprints are gleefully apparent, especially when the image is viewed at full size.  This is the true nature of the placemat drawing.

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