work in progress: werewolf librarian

Every so often, a nifty bit of penciling comes along that you are sort of afraid of ruining in the inks– I’ve started taking pictures of these sketches and posting them on line to give them a tiny shot at immortality.  Usually, these are character bits that just seem to capture the essence of these people I know so well.

This is Gideon Lykander, the werewolf librarian, cleaning his nails while reading and lecturing his apprentice.  Professor Lykander usually walks around in a 90% human/10% wolf transitional form– just wolfy enough to use some of his enhanced senses and strength while depending on Kekionga’s localized “notice me not” to keep people from staring.  But safe in his library workroom, he can let it all hang out a little and go to 20 or even 25%, as we see here.  Iowa isn’t going to tell on him.

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