fifty superheroes: number six

(For returning readers: last year, I challenged myself to draw 50 original superheroes in my drawing of the day sketchbook.  This year, I am sharing them with you.)

Superhero number 6 is The Foxtown Mystery.  Named after a local folk legend, the Mystery is a lightfooted, elusive and clever young Neighborhood Hero who walks (and climbs and tumbles) by night, thwarting the evil plans of polluters, developers who destroy history and/or the environment, corrupt politicians, etc. If he moves out onto a wider stage later in his career, it will be in support of the same ideals.

His fur boots are a Gadget: they surpress his own trail and can leave the tracks of the Foxtown Mystery cryptid, whatever that happens to be. His gloves protects his hands and saves him from leaving fingerprints, while his shirt may be some kind of changeable camouflage.  I have no idea what he carries in the case over his shoulder, but my guess is it contains a selection of useful tools, storage space for the evidence of wrongdoing he collects, and possibly a bright light, sound cannon or other non-lethal device he can use to cover his escape through the woods or over the rooftops.

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