fifty superheroes: number 7

Are we breaking the rules already?  Because I’m pretty sure High Pockets here is not so much a superhero … Maybe it’s his passing resemblance to that great cartoon bad guy, Sideshow Bob, but I have a feeling HP doesn’t always color inside the lines.

But he’s not exactly a villain either.  His domino mask, mess jacket, and white gloves suggest a classic Gentleman Thief, perhaps with magical abilities.   If he follows the standard pattern for that profession, his crimes are more like capers: directed at those who deserve the loss, especially those who consider themselves above the law or at least beyond its reach. He never steals from ordinary, decent people, even wealthy ones, and may in fact be an anonymous or pseudo-anonymous Robin Hood figure in his own community.

High Pockets is far from a clean cut hero, but he’s somebody the heroes can call on when they need his specific skills.  And when the stuff really hits the fan and everything’s at stake, he will come down on the right side, every time.

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1 Response to fifty superheroes: number 7

  1. Rick Santman says:

    This one. High Pockets deserves a place in the Kekionga Pantheon.

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