best of the drawing of the day: stub pen trio

Ashamed to admit (? maybe ?) that I am having a lot of fun with a fountain pen user group I’ve joined on social media.  In exchange for some good advice the members have given me recently, I decided to ink a drawing of the day entirely with a stub nib pen.  This nib  is usually used for fancy signatures and calligraphy, and while I often use one for shading and backgrounds, and especially for those tiny little plant forms that fill up corners, it’s very seldom that I do a whole drawing with one.

This pair of woodland readers and their scaly friend have a pleasing storybook quality, I think.   Keen eyed readers and fellow cartoonists can easily spot the improvised solution to a problem arising from wimping out on the penciling.  When you devise a scaled beast, draw all the scales before you start inking!

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