fifty superheroes: number 8

Every group (collection, legion, league, pack) of superheroes has a flying hero called “The Angel”.  Its sort of a requirement.  This guy is probably using the name ironically– his feathered, taloned , birdlike body hardly resembles the pretty-pretty take on the standard angel figure in folk culture.  Those rear talons in particular look like they mean business.

The Angel’s costume is, I freely admit, a copout.  But I think it is practical, too.  “Realistic” upper body clothing for a winged character is seriously hard to design and draw, and this Angel, being all feathery and modestly covered by nature, can just as easily go topless.  And at least I managed to resist giving him a Hawkman style body harness– that’s great for the Hawks but can be derivative on others.  His basic all purpose tights must be pretty tough to hold up against the mighty claws.

His wings are an exercise in drawing wing structures simply by suggestion, but in the superhero context these lines may represent power wings or energy wings.  This in turn might solve the problem of human powered flight.  “Meat” wings, like those of birds and bats, would never be able to carry the weight of even a small, lightly built human.   But superpowered wings … whether they are technical gadgets, a biological mutation, the side effect of a alien artifact, or a magical spell or mystic gift, they will always get you airborne.

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