new fountain pen: twisbi eco broad nib

Pen test!  I liked the TWSBI Eco with an Extra Fine nib that I bought last summer, so when the time came to buy more ink this spring, it was easy to throw a broad nibbed TWSBI into my shopping cart.  It was my hope that this smooth, fast, fairly stiff steel nib would be a good letting pen in a larger size, and I may have been right.  Regardless, it is a ton of fun to draw with, so it was a good use of the cartooning budget.

And of course, being a TWSBI, this big Eco isn’t going to suffer (as much) from the main problem of the broad nibbed pen– thirst.  Rather than using tiny and wasteful cartridges or fiddly converters, its whole barrel is a reservoir and it holds a *ton* of ink.  The bright lime green caps are just for fun– and handy for color coding should I end up with more Ecos.  Which is hardly unlikely.

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